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Guild Ranks:

Guild Officers and Leads:

  • Guild Master – Moonpie
  • General Officer All Games – Cheeky
  • General Officer - Tiianna
  • General Officer/Recruitment Officer – Tormento

Responsibilities will be shared among the Guild Master, Guild Officers and Team Leads up to and including the following duties:

  • Loot
  • Raids
  • Membership/Administration
  • Recruitment and management responsibilities
  • Consumables

Guild Officers are appointed by the Guild Master. The Guild Master will select Guild Officers based on their loyalty and dedication to the Guild, overall knowledge of the game, their playing skills and their attendance at raids, among other things. Guild Officers will work closely with the Guild Master to maintain excellence within the Guild. Each Guild Officer's role and tenure is at the sole discretion of the Guild Master. In the event that Guild Master/Guild Officers cannot fulfill their assigned duties for a raid, they are required to make arrangements to ensure their responsibilities are temporarily covered.

Team Leads are appointed by the Guild Master. The Guild Master will select Team leads based on their loyalty and dedication to the guild, overall knowledge of the game, their playing skills and their attendance at raids, among other things. Team Leads will work closely with the Guild Master and Guild Officers to maintain excellence within the guild. Each Team Lead's role and tenure is at the sole discretion of the Guild Master. In the event that Guild Master/Team Leads cannot fulfill their assigned duties for a raid, they are required to make arrangements to ensure their responsibilities are temporarily covered. Team Leads' purview will be raids mostly. They are the first line of leadership in the hierarchy for members for discussions about the guild or raids.


Our veterans are for all intents and purposes, Raiders. Veterans are members of Premonition who have shown dedication through attendance, performance, and guild centered focus. We offer our Veterans (and above) first rolls on highly sought after crafting recipes and other items deemed necessary to remain in the guild. We also offer our Veterans (and above) first "rolls" when it comes to vanity items such as mounts, pets, and other non-performance related loot. 

Currently Veteran rank is determined by being a member of a previous Premonition Gaming division, (FFXI (EH or IRON), WoW, SWTOR or FFXIV v 1.0, FFXIV v 2.0)

In the long term, Veteran rank will be determined by length of time in guild (typically 6 months) and dedication to the guild and its members. When joining upon the launch of a new game, gaining veteran status is typically shorter as long as our loyalty, dedication and performance is on par with what we deem veteran like.


Members are raiding ELIGIBLE members within the Guild who have proven their dedication to the Guild's raid progression, have exceptional skill level and maintain a high level of attendance and dedication. This rank and higher has priority on recipes/enchants, crafting mats, and high end items that benefit the Guild which will remain within the Guild.


New members to our raiding team are recruits. This period of time allows the Guild to get to know the new member and the new member to grow acclimated to our Guild culture. During this time the Leadership can also evaluate the impact the new member is having in raids. The length of the initiation period is unique to each individual, although we hope that this period never exceeds 1 month. More than likely we and/or you will be able to quickly determine whether you're a fit for Premonition or not. Acceptance of Recruit to Member status is at the discretion of Guild Master and Guild Officers with recommendations from Team Leads.

Friends & Family Rank or Friends of guild members:

These characters may meet raiding gear requirements of the Guild but are not on the typical raiding roster. A raid lead may, at their discretion, invite a F/F rank or friend of the Guild to a raid; however these members will only be eligible to receive loot that no raiding member wants and has the right to decline raid invitations. Friend status members are not subject to attendance or AFK notification standards. Alts of regular raiding members that are asked to bring their Alts to fill out a raid need will receive points/attendance towards their main character although will still have to follow Alt loot rules.

Shared Guild Resources:

Guild Bank - A guild fund will be maintained by the Guild Master. This can be used to fund required consumables, respecs and repairs for raiding members/recruits. **Subject to change based on current game being played.**

Shared Materials Needs - In the event that the Guild has a shared material need for progression, the Guild Master and Guild Officers will ask members to donate needed materials and will give points up to a maximum amount determined beforehand. This happens VERY rarely, only when guild needs specific materials to progress in raiding events.

Guild Expectations:

All members of Premonition, regardless of rank, represent the Guild in the server's community. You are a part of our guild culture. We expect everyone who wears the Premonition tag to treat each other and members of the community with respect. We request that you refrain from racial slurs, political and religious discussions, intolerant behavior, dishonest behavior and personal attacks, both in public communication within our guild and public communication with our server. You will also refrain from chatting in general chat/shout during raid times. Failure to uphold these standards will result in disciplinary action ranging from a warning to removal from the guild at the discretion of the Guild Master and Guild Officers.

Raiding members of Premonition will meet the following standards:

  • Farm and provide their own consumables for raids (whenever the Guild bank is not providing)
  • Cover their own repair bills (whenever the Guild bank is not providing)
  • Maintain a high level of attendance and dedication
  • Provide Leadership with at least 24 hours' notice of all planned absences or notify as quickly as possible of unplanned absences
  • Remain the class/specialization for which they were recruited

If, at any time, a raiding member of our team cannot meet these requirements they should speak with the Guild Master or any Guild Officer and present their specific circumstances. At the discretion of the Guild Master and Guild Officers you may be provided a waiver.

What We Are and What We Are Not:

What we are-

  • We are an end game hardcore minded Guild with a casual schedule. We raid 3 days a week with off nights available to do whatever our members wish. Most of our members come from hardcore backgrounds and will typically be online doing random content and unscheduled events. It is expected that members maintain the highest level of play and attendance per the raiding rules and guidelines.
  • We are a Guild that believes in team. Think you are smarter than leadership? Don’t play as part of the team? Have a big ego? Have an elitist attitude? Please see below “We are not afraid to kick you.”
  • We are a Guild that believes in treating others with respect. We are all part of the guild family and expect everybody to treat each other as such. This means do not put somebody in guild on your ignore list, talk negatively to another member or use derogatory slang. This is also the same expectation we have for the entire server and forum communities.
  • We are a Guild that believes in having fun. There is a big difference in having fun versus treating people disrespectfully. Just be smart and please, have a thick skin. We are all adults here.
  • We are a mature Guild. We don’t allow anybody under the age of 18 in the guild and rarely anybody under the age of 21. We have a good time and don’t want to be concerned with watching what we say or having to worry about young adult angst.
  • We are a Guild that allows Friends and Family. We believe this promotes more friendships and means more people are available to do content during downtime. This has worked out well for the random times we are short a job or 2 for raids and are able to pull from known friends within the guild.

What we are not-

  • We are not a leveling Guild. This does not mean we won’t help members level. Just don’t come crying to us when nobody wants to or is available to help as we will not coddle you.
  • We are not your shrink. Do not confuse this with not being family. We just don’t want to hear about your woes 24/7.
  • We are not afraid to kick you. We take raiding and our reputation seriously and expect you to do the same. Let’s be perfectly clear about this… If you suck, create drama, have a constant negative attitude, whine, can’t follow directions or contribute in any way which may create a negative reputation for the guild you won’t be asked to leave, you will be kicked and it may be without warning.
  • We are not accepting of trolls. Be an adult. Do not embarrass the guild with immature shouting, forum posting or other such nonsense. If you can’t, see the above line titled “We are not afraid to kick you.”

Guild Info

Premonition Gaming is currently focused on World of Warcraft - Legion expansion. We are on the Windrunner server. We tackle all end game, crafting and PvP content that games have to offer.  We intend to be as competitive as possible on our shorter weekly raid schedule which is as follows:
All times are PACIFIC timezone -                                                
Sunday 6:30pm - 9:30pm
Monday 6:30pm - 9:30 pm                                               
Wednesday 6:30pm - 9:30pm                                         
While we have a very short raid schedule each week, we make up for that in efficiency and focus.
If you have any questions about Premonition, feel free to private message any of our officer core on our forums: Moonpie, Cheeky, Tiianna, or Praetextus.  You contact the GM at BattleTag Moonpie#1732. You may contact the officers in game on Windrunner on Zhi or Quinnie, Zödd (alt+0246) or Aadorian, Tiianna, or Praetextus.

Games We Are Playing

World of Warcraft (WoW) is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) created in 2004 by Blizzard Entertainment. It is the fourth released game set in the fantasy Warcraft universe, which was first introduced by Warcraft: Orcs & Humans in 1994. World of Warcraft takes place within the Warcraft world of Azeroth, approximately four years after the events at the conclusion of Blizzard's previous Warcraft release,Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne. www.battle.net
Take part in an epic and ever-changing FINAL FANTASY as you adventure and explore with friends from around the world.  Experience all the hallmarks of the best-selling franchise - airships, chocobos, moogles, and more! www.finalfantasyxiv.com
Firefall is a free-to-play, open world PC action shooter developed by Red 5 Studios. http://www.firefallthegame.com/
In EVE, a universe of unbounded opportunity awaits new capsuleers, whether they lust after wealth, crave the fight, or simply yearn for adventure among the stars. http://www.eveonline.com/

Wildstar infuses amazing stylized art with the latest technology to create a stunning visual experience. Set on a wondrous alien world, WildStar delivers a wild and mysterious adventure among the ruins of an advanced civilization - allowing you to play the way you want to play while experiencing an unprecedented level of exploration and discovery! http://www.wildstar-online.com/en/

After 20 years of best-selling, award-winning fantasy role-playing games, the Elder Scrolls series goes online. Experience this epic adventure on your own or together with your friends, guild mates, and thousands of alliance members. Explore dangerous caves and dungeons, embark upon adventurous quests across Tamriel, and engage in massive player versus player battles, where the victors reap the spoils of war. http://elderscrollsonline.com/en/
League of Legends combines elements of role-playing and strategy games genres with addictive battle action that brings accessible, replayable and competitive gameplay into a whimsical universe that deepens with the player's commitment. http://na.leagueoflegends.com/